Discretionary Wealth Management

Why do private banking clients often not get management on a daily basis?

It would be naive to imagine that every client gets a totally personal management service. If every portfolio had to be given individualised management, then the cost would be enormous. And even if these costs were charged on to the client, it would still be a very inefficient way to work. For example, say a bank has 100 private bankers, who all do their own individual thing, then this would lead to total chaos.

Comprehensive strategy

That is why, with our discretionary wealth management service, we develop comprehensive strategies that are implemented on an individual basis taking into account your chosen risk profile. These centrally-managed portfolios have the advantage that quick action can be taken for a whole range of portfolios if the markets suddenly change. This can be crucial in the current economic climate.

Based on your family situation, financial knowledge, risk aversion, and investment horizon, we will develop an investment strategy together with you. Taking all these aspects into consideration, a contract will be drawn up whereby you authorise Merit Capital to manage your portfolio in accordance with the defined strategy.

The starting point is the development of a long-term relationship, whereby we provide you with investment services that are designed to achieve a healthy balance between risk and return.

Of course there is always room for a personal touch, and your private banker will always take into consideration your personal situation, goals, and preferences. We believe our relationship should be based on a continuous dialogue. That is why you will receive an extensive assessment of your portfolio every quarter, or we can report on the status of your portfolio in a personal meeting.

Would you also like to profit from our discretionary wealth management? Then follow the step-by-step guide:

  • You can also make a no-obligation appointment to discuss your situation with one of our private bankers.
  • Tell us more about your background, your expectations and your risk tolerance level.
  • We will take the time to establish your risk profile, because that will serve as the basis for our collaboration.
  • We will analyse your current portfolio, make sure your risk profile is being is properly respected, and come up with suggestions for improvement.

Would you like to engage our expert services? Then we will open a bank account for you with one of our depository banks, a personal contract for discretionary wealth management will be signed, and we will give the necessary instructions to your current bank so that we can start working for you right away!


  • our management services are genuinely independent;
  • that is why we even include products of other companies in our portfolio;
  • this method of comprehensive management is much more efficient for us;
  • it enables us to respond rapidly to changing market conditions;
  • our fees are based on the total value of the assets under our management, so that not only capital appreciation, but also capital preservation is of vital importance to us.

Luckily your interests are the same as our interests.