Advisory Wealth Management

Would you like to actively manage your portfolio, but at the same time get the advice of specialists as well? Advisory wealth management is the ideal solution for you. With an advisory wealth management contract, you get to take all the decisions about buying and selling financial products yourself.

We will help you, the investor, to track all the latest developments on the stock markets. We will be happy to advise you whenever you want, and offer you alternatives if necessary. In order to respond alertly to changes in a dynamic stock market environment, there is regular contact between you and your private banker to discuss all the potential opportunities. Merit Capital can give you independent advice about all the financial products offered by every market player. The emphasis lies on the added value you can expect from our investment adviser, who can give you specific buying and selling advice based on fundamental and technical analyses and other investment valuation tools.

Would you also like to profit from our advisory wealth management? Then follow the step-by-step plan below.

  • You can also make a no-obligation appointment to discuss your situation with one of our private bankers.
  • Tell us more about your background, your expectations and your risk tolerance level.
  • We will take the time to establish your risk profile, because that will serve as the basis for our collaboration.
  • We will analyse your current portfolio, make sure your risk profile is properly respected, and come up with suggestions for improvement.

Would you like to engage our expert services? Then we will open a bank account for you with one of our depository banks, a personal contract for advisory wealth management will be signed, and we will give the necessary instructions to your current bank so that we can start working for you right away!


  • our buying and selling advice is genuinely independent;
  • that is why we even include products of other companies in our portfolio;
  • our fees are based on the total value of the assets under our management, so that not only capital appreciation, but also capital preservation is of vital importance to us.