Wealth Management

Merit Capital is (above all) a wealth manager providing a transparent and personal service.

Transparent, because we always give you a straight answer to all your questions.

Personal, because your needs always come first. Our people are committed to developing long-term relationships and giving tailored advice. That is why we take time to identify your goals and interests.

Regular, personal assessment meetings are your guarantee that we continue to fulfil all your wishes, even if your needs suddenly change in a dynamic market. Your dedicated asset manager will guide you through the assessment of your portfolio. And our experienced team of specialists is always on hand to help with specific issues. Which means your assets are managed in the best possible way, all the time.

Trading Desk

Our Trading Desk is open to take your orders on trading days between 9:00 am and 5:35 pm. Our relationship is built on continuous dialogue. That is why you will receive an extensive assessment of your portfolio every six months, or we can report on the status of your portfolio in a personal meeting.