What is a stockbroking firm?

There are various types of financial institutions operating under the supervision of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). The most well-known type of financial institution is of course the bank. Merit Capital has the legal status of a stockbroking firm. For more information, please refer to www.fsma.be or www.nbb.be

As the name suggests, stockbroking firms were originally active in taking and placing orders on the stock market. Over the course of time, the emphasis has shifted towards providing advisory and management services for investment portfolios. As a licensed stockbroking firm, Merit Capital offers a range of advisory and management services, whereby the interests and needs of the client always come first. Merit Capital adds an extra dimension to these core services by taking a unique and innovative approach towards its management and advisory activities.

Do I have a choice of depository financial institution?

In addition to its advisory and discretionary management services, Merit Capital offers you the choice of depositing your funds in the custody of Merit Capital and/or with other depository financial institutions. Clients of Merit Capital conclude an agreement for investment advice or asset management with Merit Capital, but they can choose to either keep their account with Merit Capital or to place it with an external financial institution. For more information about Merit Capital accounts, please refer to "Merit Capital Accounts".

Merit Capital works with a number of national and international depository financial institutions. This makes it possible for us to recommend different financial products of different depository institutions, to offer the best possible combination and allocation, and a safe spread of your assets over one or more specialised financial institutions, and last but not least to focus entirely on providing fully independent management. Even though your assets might be spread across several financial institutions, Merit Capital will keep you continually up-to-date with a single portfolio statement. Moreover, as a client you carry no risk whatsoever with respect to Merit Capital itself.