Sponsorship is used by Merit Capital as a means of communication reflecting our commitment to the community we work in every day. We want to stay close to people, and this is reflected in our sponsorship policy. Naturally, the sponsorship policy of Merit Capital is also part of achieving its commercial objectives. For example, it helps to increase our name recognition and strengthen our corporate image.

The sponsorship policy of Merit Capital is centred around three main areas:

  1. Sport (equestrian sports, golf, vintage car racing)
  2. Art
  3. Charitable causes
  • In the area of golf, we are hole sponsor at Rinkven Golf & Country Club.
  • We sponsor the hockey youth at Hockey Club Patria Aalst, see www.hcpa.be
  • We also support local sporting and community events.
  • Charitable causes is the most recent addition to the sponsorship policy.

A number of areas are excluded under the sponsorship policy of Merit Capital, such as dangerous sports, combat sports, and events with a potential risk of violence or public disorder. Merit Capital also does not associate itself with individual sports personalities or artists.