Branch 23 Insurance Brokers

Branch 23 Insurance Brokers

Merit Capital for the insurance broker, active in investments


As an asset manager, we know how difficult it can be sometimes to provide your clients with the ideal combination of a structure that will preserve the investments and the actual management of the investment portfolio.

Furthermore, time constraints often make it difficult for you, as an insurance broker, to subject all the available investment products to continuous and thorough due diligence, and to personally monitor the portfolios managed by you on a regular basis. In addition, the professional resources that can be used for this are not always accessible and/or available for an insurance broker.

That is why Merit Capital has decided to set up a special team to help insurance brokers, which is led by Katrien Lamote and Matty Martens.

We can provide you with professional support, including regular investment-related updates. We can provide you with general information through “Newsflashes” and “Newsletters”, but also with specific information depending on your individual needs. We regularly organise seminars (accredited as part of professional training), which on the one hand provide you with general macro-economic updates, and with presentations by specialists who take an in-depth look at specific investment-related subjects.

As an asset manager for your investment portfolios, we can take care of the management, in other words the transactions for your investment portfolios (always in line with the risk profile of the client), and provide continuous monitoring for them as well. As a stockbroking firm, we also have the tools and resources that are used in the daily operations of a stockbroking firm such as Merit Capital. It is precisely these resources that allow Merit Capital to monitor the strict application of investment restrictions, statutory, regulatory, and prospectus provisions, as well as ensuring thorough due diligence, risk control, and monitoring on a daily basis.

By entrusting Merit Capital with the asset management of your individual investment portfolios, you will optimise the management process.
And Merit Capital can do even more to help you improve the service you provide to your clients! Through its partnership with various national and international insurance companies, Merit Capital is able to offer you the possibility of setting up a personalised collective insurance fund, with an investment strategy that is tailor-made for your clients.

You can rely on Merit Capital to be a reliable, professional partner for you, the professional insurance broker, who will assist you in the management and further expansion of your portfolios.