Executive Board

Executive Board

Marc Vermeiren (1959) – CEO 

Marc is a Commercial Engineer (VUB – Solvay – 1982) and has an MBA from Boston University (1983).

He started his career at Bell Telephone, and worked from 1986 on for “Generale Bank” in London, Brussels and Antwerp.
He switched from employer to ABN Amro Bank in Amsterdam in 1998 in order to become CEO for ABN Amro Asset Management in Belgium in 2000.
In 2007, Marc was appointed as president of the board of directors of Royal Bank of Canada for the Investor & Treasury Services business activity.
He fulfilled this function until the end of January 2017. Marc has been the chairman of the Executive Board of Merit Capital since February 2017.

Dominic De Backer (1984) – Member of the Executive Board 

Dominic studied law at the university of Ghent (2011) and than an MBA in London at the London School of Business and Finance. Dominic began his career in 2012 at Merit Capital as a company lawyer. Soon, he has focused on the development and professionalization of private placements, especially developing and placing of bonds for the SME market. Dominic has become a member of the Executive Board of Merit Capital since October 2016.