Merit Capital NV/SA

Welcome to Merit Capital

Realising exceptional asset growth is nothing out of the ordinary. But achieving a solid return on investment within defined risk parameters is quite unique. This is what Merit Capital does every single day.

Merit Capital provides asset management services with a transparent and personal approach. Transparent, because we tell you everything you need to know. Personal, because your needs always come first.

At Merit Capital we make decisions together with you in order to create a platform for the optimal growth of your wealth.

Five reasons for choosing Merit Capital.


  1. Your interests are also our interests;
  2. We focus on asset growth and preservation;
  3. We are genuinely independent;
  4. Your plans and expectations are the blueprint for our partnership;
  5. We use our creative approach to help you find the best possible solutions.

Merit Capital (headquarters)

Museumstraat 12 D
2000 Antwerp, België